How to Follow and Unfollow Authors on Ream

Just one click to follow the stories and authors you love

Following any Author on Ream is completely free. Here's the awesomeness it unlocks for you...

When you follow an Author on Ream you get access to:

  • Any Chapters and Stories published to Followers only
  • Any Community Posts published to Followers only
  • Email updates and in-app notifications on new Chapters + Posts the Author has published to their Followers

Note: When you follow an Author on Ream, you give them permission to contact you over email as your email address will be shared directly with them. This allows you to Follow an author directly and gives you a more immersive experience than any reader platform out there.

To follow an author on Ream:

1. Visit their Ream page or a story published by the author on Ream. 

You can do so by searching their name in the Ream search engine or clicking on a link that takes you directly to their Ream stories or page.

2. Click the Follow button! You'll see a pop-up of the benefits you get for being a follower and can click to confirm.

It will either look like this if subscribing on the Author's public page:

Or like this if you are reading a story and choose to Follow an author within the story:

3. Then you will have that chapter unlocked or be taken straight to the Follower-view of the author page which lets you easily view all their Follower-only content.

To Unfollow an Author simply use one of two ways:

The first way to unfollow authors:

1. Navigate to the author's Ream Page.

2. Navigate to the Information page.

3. Scroll down beneath the author's membership tiers and click the "Unfollow" button.

The second way to unfollow authors:

1. Navigate to your Memberships page by clicking the three dots in the top right hand corner of Ream.

2. Click on your Following tab. Then click on the three dots next to the Author's name and profile and click the Unfollow option.

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