Current Known Issues

Hello Ream readers and authors πŸ‘‹! As a platform always coming out with new updates and improvements, bugs, issues, and other unexpected happenings can emerge.

We strive to fix any known issues as fast as possible.

On this page, you will find all our current known issues along with workarounds and updates on fixes.

To submit an issue, whether it's a technical bug or just something you are uncertain about, you can use the "Need Help?" bubble in the bottom right-hand corner of your screen.

Known Issues at Ream (last updated May 21, 2024):

Text Error Occurring Where the Ability to Save Text is Blocked

  • Issue Start Date: 2024
  • Issue Description: The Pro Writing Aid browser plug-in is incompatible with our platform, causing text errors in various fields
  • Issue Workaround: Temporarily disable the plug-in
  • Updates on Patches/ Fixes: Unable to implement a fix, as the issue stems from the other provider

Banner Image Looks Blurry in Public View but Sharp in Author Dashboard

  • Issue Start Date: April 2024
  • Issue Description: Images uploaded for page banner look blurry to page visitors even when correct image sizing is followed in Help Guide
  • Issue Workaround:
  1. .jpeg files are slightly less blurry than .png files.
  2. You can upscale your image to be a higher resolution using this free Canva Upscaler app:
  • Updates on Patches/ Fixes: Engineering team is actively working on a fix. Images are being compressed more than desired after a recent update to how we store images.

Published Stories Discoverable from Unlaunched Author Pages (Emerging Issue)

  • Issue Start Date: Mid April, 2024
  • Issue Description: For some authors who upload and publish their Stories as part of their Author Page launch, they may be shown in Discovery for readers searching by genre or keyword, prior to the official launch of the page
  • Issue Workaround: Upload stories as normal, add details and chapter content as normal, but refrain from publishing or scheduling stories that are not yet ready for public viewing until you're ready to launch your page.
  • Updates on Patches/ Fixes: Engineering team is actively working on a fix

Small Covers Not Displaying in Discovery

  • Issue Start Date: End of March 2024
  • Issue Description: For authors who uploaded their covers before July of 2023 onto the Ream platform
  • Issue Workaround:
    • Authors must re-upload their covers for affected stories. You can see if a story is affected when you go to your member page and look at your stories tab.
    • If you want us to share with you affected stories, we are happy to manually check your page and let you know. Just reach out to us at
  • Updates on Patches/Fixes:
    • For multiple days the team tried building a script to fix this automatically, but the script was unfortunately leading to unintended issues. Thus, the best fix is for authors who published books before July of 2023 to reupload their covers.

Double Payments for Subscriptions

  • Issue Start Date: January, 2024
  • Issue Description: For under 1% of new subscriptions on the platform, new memberships are not immediately visible to the reader. Often readers will re-subscribe leading to the membership visible to the reader but two active memberships and payments for one tier.
  • Issue Workaround:
    • Contact our support when this issue occurs and we can refund the double payment and ensure that the reader is not double charged in the future
  • Updates on Patches/Fixes:
    • As of May 1, 2024, we made an update that we hope fixes this issue. We will carefully watch all reports of double payments, and will update this page when we confirm this as 100% resolved.
    • If you experience this issue please tell us what happened and we will not only help you but gather more information that can help us solve this problem for everyone!

Importing Google Documents with Bullet Points or Number Lists

  • Issue Description: Manuscripts from Google Drive with bullet points or numbered lists do not import as expected into Ream.
  • Issue Workaround: Use the bullet point formatting feature within Ream.
  • Updates on Patches/Fixes: The team plans to develop a fix for this in the near future.

Image Caching Issues

  • Issue Start Date: Ongoing
  • Issue Description:
    • When authors upload tier images and banner images, the images will have trouble saving, despite being the correct sizing and dimensions.
    • Specifically, authors have had trouble uploading covers and changing tier images + page banners when using certain devices and browsers.
  • Issue Workaround:
    • First, try clearing your browser cache following these instructions.
    • Use another internet browser such as Chrome, Firefox, Vivaldi, Brave, or Edge.
    • This resolves the issue 99% of the time!
  • Updates on Patches/Fixes: We are working to discover if the caching issue is related to an internet browser bug and how we can solve it.

Schedules Created Before Clocks Moved Forward

  • Issue Start Date: Early March, identified in early April
  • Issue Description:
    • Scheduled chapters were not being published at the expected time for some authors. Specifically, they were publishing 1 hour later than expected.
    • This issue is because of time zone changes! When daylight savings time occurred, schedules remained the same absolute time but didn't adjust on a relative basis to time zones.
  • Issue Workaround: Delete your existing chapter release schedule and recreate it.
  • Updates on Patches/Fixes: This issue is resolved for all future schedules. If you are facing this currently, please delete your schedule and create it again.

Readers Can't Message Authors on Ream with "Contact" Button

  • Issue Start Date: Beginning of 2024
  • Issue Description: When readers are a member of an author's page and click the "Contact" button, there is no email form that pops up for the reader to contact the author.
  • Issue Workaround: Authors can leave their email or another way for their readers to message them in a pinned Community post or About section of their page.
  • Updates on Patches/Fixes: Engineering team is actively working on a fix.

CSV Export for Member Data Does Not Work in Safari

  • Issue Start Date: Beginning of 2024
  • Issue Description: If using Safari, exporting a CSV of Member emails and data will not work for authors.
  • Issue Workaround: Use another browser such as Google Chrome and ensure that pop-ups are not blocked.
  • Updates on Patches/Fixes: The engineering team is actively working on a fix.

Can't Upload Cover Image Using iOS Safari

  • Issue Start Date: May, 2024
  • Issue Description: When a cover is uploaded for a new story using Safari on an iOS device there is an endless purple loading circle. The cover image does not upload.
  • Issue Workaround: Use Chrome or a desktop or laptop to upload the cover image. This will work as expected!
  • Updates on Patches/Fixes: The engineering team is actively working on a fix.

Resolved: Adding Community Post throws 'Error 11' When Publishing (Known Chrome & Edge Critical Bug Issue)

  • Issue Start Date: April 18, 2024
  • Issue Description: For some authors who attempt to publish a Community Post or upload content (Chrome specific currently) author pages may crash when selecting a dropdown option.
  • Issue Workarounds:

1) A new temporary extension has been created as a workaround to a known Chrome & Edge critical bug - this has been confirmed as a working solution until Ream can apply a permanent fix:

2) Using a non chromium browser such as Safari, Firefox, or the Ream app on iPhone

3) Updating Chrome to their newest version release V 124.0.6367.119

  • Updates on Patches/ Fixes: requires a rewrite of the underlying framework once again due to the Google update in mid-April

Polls Aren't showing Accurate Results to Authors

  • Issue Start Date: April 2024
  • Issue Description: Polls aren't showing voter percentages or the number of voters when polls have ended
  • Issue Workaround: None at this time.
  • Updates on Patches/ Fixes: Engineering team is actively working on a fix.

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