How Do Notifications Work on Ream?

You can adjust your email notification settings anytime by navigating to your settings page at:

You can turn on or off the ability to receive specific notifications on Ream.

By default for readers, you will be notified through email for the following occasions:

  • When you subscribe to a new author on Ream you will receive a confirmation of your subscription
  • When an author you are subscribed to publishes a new chapter/chapters to your tier
  • When an author you are subscribed to posts in their community
  • When someone replies to your comment in a story on Ream

By default for authors:

  • You receive notifications when Ream has new feature updates (unless you have unsubscribed from this)
  • You receive notifications when you have received a successful payout through Ream Managed
  • For Ream Direct authors who have access and ownership of their Stripe account, you can turn on notifications for new subscribers.

  • New! Now all Ream authors will receive email notifications when the following actions take place inside your Ream:

    1. New Subscription Notifications. Now when readers join a paid tier of your Ream, you get notified through email. New subscriber party anyone? 

    2. Subscription Cancellation Notifications. You deserve to know when someone leaves your membership... now you will be notified the second they do. Don’t worry you can turn this setting off anytime... but we believe more data, and more knowledge is more power to storytellers.

    3. Subscription Status Change Notifications. Did someone upgrade to your paperback tier and you are scheduled to ship your swag and signed books tomorrow? Thank the heavens for this email notification — you got the package out just on time! This applies to both upgrades and downgrades

    4. Comments on Community Post Notifications. Now, you get notified when anyone comments on one of your posts, and as always, readers will be notified through email when you respond to them.

    5. Comments on Stories Notifications. This one is fun. You get to treat your special readers like the VIP fans they are making it easier than ever to engage with your readers while they experience your stories 🥳

When you are publishing a chapter or post on Ream you may be wondering if and how readers are notified about your stories. This is how it works:

When you make a post in the community, readers on the paid tiers that you select will receive an email notification. That notification will contain a link to the post on Ream as well as the body of the post inside the email itself. This makes it similar to a mailing list meets social media feed for you and your readers.

When you publish a chapter, readers on the paid and follower tiers that you select will receive an email notification. At the moment, public readers will not receive these notifications (this will change). In these chapter emails, none of your story content is sent via email to your readers. The emails contain a button that when clicked verifies a reader is signed into an account with a paid subscription on Ream. Then it gives them access to your story. This maximizes the security of your chapters to avoid plagiarism and wrongful reading of your content.

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