How Do Memberships Work on Ream?

I found my favorite author/book/genre! 😍

Memberships are to an individual author and their content. Each one is different and controlled by the specific author.

You can get special rewards like early access to stories, sometimes bonus content and physical merchandise, and the knowledge that you are helping an author you care about to create more of the stories you love.

Each author chooses their own rewards available at specific price points. These rewards may change over time as the author evolves their writing schedule and stories.

To create a subscription/membership to an author's page, look for their Tier information, and then click the Join button once you've chosen the tier level you want to subscribe to.

Then, complete the checkout process with your credit card information, add any promo code you have, and once your payment has been processed, you'll have immediate access to the content in that tier and possibly any tiers below it.

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