What If I Upgrade My Membership to an Author?

When you change your membership plan to a specific author, you are charged upfront for the difference between your current membership and the new membership for that author. 

You retain your original billing date and will be charged the new amount on that old date.

For example, if you subscribe for $5 a month on April 3rd to an author’s membership and then decide to upgrade your membership to a $10 plan, you will be displayed the following message before you confirm your new membership.

In this example, you already paid $5 for your starting tier of membership, then you are charged $5 upfront for the difference in tiers, and then you will be charged $10 on your original billing date going forward.

This billing structure ensures that readers are charged fair amounts for upgrades and that authors receive fair compensation for the stories and experiences they create for you and other readers around the world.

If you have any questions, please contact our Support Team at support@reamstories.com.

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