How Do Refunds Work on Ream?

By default, there are no refunds on Ream. Readers can unsubscribe from authors at any time, but are unable to receive refunds because they have already received access to the content they paid for a set time period.

Individual authors can issue refunds to readers at their sole discretion in accordance with our terms and the capabilities of our payment processor. All refund requests must be made to individual authors through the contact button on their Ream page.

Ream does not issue refunds on behalf of authors unless the following circumstances apply:

Service issue on the platform. If there is ever a technical bug or glitch on the Ream platform that prevents you from receiving your benefits or stories from a specific author. A pro-rata refund will be delivered based on the period of the service disruption.

Request to cancel within 24 hrs of payment. Subscribers must contact our Support Team within the 24 hr period to be eligible for a refund.

If your refund request meets one of the above terms, please reach out to us at with your situation and, if approved, we will process your request promptly.

Note: On Ream, you will receive refunds to the card or payment method you initially paid on. These refunds typically take 5 - 10 business days to process and appear on your payment method balance.

To learn more, check out our Terms of Service.

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