How to Discover Stories on Ream

Discovery is here! The way to find your next read.

Here's how to discover new stories on Ream!

#1: Browse the lists for each genre.

Stories that are categorized in a Genre (there can be four genres max per story) will display in their Genre lists. Each time you visit Ream, you'll find two new Genres to explore and can explore all others on the platform with one click.

Stories are recommended based on the number of chapters read by other readers in the story and how similar the story is based on its tags, subgenres, content warnings, romance pairings, and diversity tags to other stories you have read on Ream.

#2: Browse Rising Reamers.

Rising Reamers are a collection of stories that have all been published within the last 7 days on Ream and are popular with many readers. The story list updates in real-time, so you can come back and always check for new content!

#3: Search for the exact stories and authors you'll love.

This is the fun part! Use Ream's search engine using the magnifying glass on the top right of the page to share your favorite tropes, genres, and stories with us. 

Then you can select whether you want to discover by Stories or Authors.

Stories displayed in search are also customized specifically to you based on prior stories you've read on Ream and the total number of chapters read in stories similar to the search term you typed in.

#4: For You Stories.

This algorithm recommends stories most similar to the ones you enjoy on the platform. This is an awesome place to find new stories to dive into! Stories here are not ranked based on the previous reads they have so this is a great place to find new stories from amazing authors!

#5 Featured Authors.

Every time you go to the Ream Home page, you can explore the Featured authors on the platform. This list regularly rotates to share new authors AND even is randomized to display different authors each time you visit.

These are all the ways you can discover new stories on Ream! We can't wait to keep developing Discovery and make finding the stories you love easier and more fun than ever!

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