Text to Speech on iPhones for Ream

So you want to have stories on Ream read aloud to you on an iPhone or iOS device?

We are here to help!

Ream prides itself on accessibility while also protecting our authors from piracy and unwanted copying of their stories.

Do the following to access screen reading features for stories on Ream:

Step #1: Open up Ream in Safari and navigate to the specific story and chapter you want to read!

Step #2: At the bottom of the browser click the aA button.

This image shows where to hit the aA button on Ream

Step #3: Click Request Desktop Website

Request Dekstop Website screenshot from browser

Step #4: Then click the aA button at the bottom of the browser again.

Step #5: Now click the Show Reader button. Now Ream opens up in a Screen Reader!

This image highlights where to show screen reader

Step #6: You can now highlight any text and your Screen Reader will read the text aloud! You can also select Listen to Page if you want the entire chapter read aloud to you in one go.

Note: from the Listen to Page feature you can also adjust the speaking speed.

This image shows what screen reader looks like and how to listen to a page.

Step #7: Once you reach the end of the chapter you can navigate to the next chapter by clicking the aA button at the bottom of your browser and select Hide Reader.

This images shows the Hide Screen Reader button

Step #8: Now navigate to the next chapter using the Table of Contents inside of Ream.

This image shows the Table of Contents in Ream

Step #9: Just click on the specific chapter you want to read next.

Step #10: After you navigate to the chapter you want to read, reload the page (with the circular, refresh button on the address bar) before showing the reader.

Then repeat steps 4 - 6 to read the text aloud in the Ream eReader!

If you have any questions, please contact our Support Team at support@reamstories.com.

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