Mature Content Filtering for Readers

Readers can opt in or out of viewing Mature stories in Discovery on Ream (specifically Story Search, For You, Rising Reamers, and the Genre Lists sections) 🙈

Ream is not only not only creating a safe and welcoming space for stories intended for Mature audiences, but also a welcoming space for readers who may not be interested or comfortable with viewing or experiencing mature stories.

Specifically, Ream has seen an influx of thousands of young adult readers and with that hundreds of incredible young adult authors and stories. 

We want to ensure Ream is a space that all readers can trust.

With Mature Filtering, we can display Mature stories to readers who want to see them while allowing readers who don't want to view them to opt out.

We require authors to categorize their content as Mature if it contains any of the following:

  • Explicit sex scenes (graphic depictions of body parts).
  • A sexual relationship as a primary driver of the story or plotline.
  • Graphic depictions of sexual assault or non-consensual sexual behavior.
  • NSFW art containing characters (nude or not) in any sexual position or situation.

Now what does Mature Filtering for Stories on Ream actually look like for readers?

Mature Filtering for Readers that are Not Logged In:

When new readers come to Ream and are Not Logged In to an account, they will only see stories that are Not Mature in the top Genre Lists and Rising Reamers.

This gives a welcoming environment to all readers, while still making it easy for readers to find Mature authors and stories.

Mature Filters Only Apply to Discovery, Not When Readers Visit an Authors' Page:

First, not sure what Discovery on Ream is? 

You can read this guide to learn about all the ways you can discover new stories on Ream. In short, Discovery is Ream's way to help readers find amazing stories.

Mature Filtering is at the Story Level:

To make things easy and effective for readers, Mature content filtering is at the story level. 

This means that readers who have disabled Mature content can still find all non-Mature stories. 

Readers can still search for all authors by name on the platform. Even if one or all of the stories is Mature, we will still display the stories in the Author search to all readers.

And if you Follow or join an author page as a Member, they will also see All Stories, whether they are Mature or not.

How Readers Opt In or Opt Out of Viewing Mature Content:

The moment you create an account on Ream, you are required to Opt In or Opt Out of viewing Mature stories and content.

And the good news is that it's Simple to change your ability to see Mature Content on the platform at any time.

  • If you are sent a link to a Mature Story and don't have Mature Content enabled on Ream, you will be asked to opt in to view Mature Content before reading the story.
  • When you click into a Mature story, if you have enabled Mature content then you will be able to read it immediately.
  • If you haven't enabled Mature content viewing, the following message will display:

At any time, you can visit your Settings page on Ream to toggle viewing Mature content On or Off.

You can read Ream's full Content and Community Guidelines here, and as always if you have any questions, we are always here to help you.

If you have any questions, please contact our Support Team at

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