How to Upgrade to a Paid Membership When Following An Author

There are two ways to upgrade to a Paid Membership when following an author.

To read more about upgrading & managing your membership on Ream check out our full guide on the topic.

All Paid Memberships on Ream are to each individual author and are an amazing way to directly support your favorite authors and get access to amazing stories and bonuses from them.

1. Upgrade within a Story or Community post.

As a Follower of an author, you will see all chapters and posts you have access to. You will also be able to see stories and chapters you don't have access to, and can easily upgrade to a paid membership in one click.

It looks like this for upgrading to unlock a chapter:

And this is what it looks like when upgrading to a Paid Membership to unlock a community post:

2. Upgrade on an Author's Information page.

On the Information page, all of an author's paid tiers and the perks you get for upgrading are listed. Just choose the one you want to access, and click Join.

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